My Plan

Ihsan:"Hello!, Rivaldi."
Rivaldi:"Hai!, Ihsan."
Ihsan:"Do you have any plan after this session?"
Rivaldi:"Yeah, why?"
Ihsan:"What is that?"
Rivaldi:"I will play games, do you want play with me?"
Ihsan:"I don't know.. I think i can. Btw what we are gonna play?"
Rivaldi:"I think Counter Strike will be nice."
Ihsan:"Hmm.. Ok. After this session right?"
Ihsan:"Before that.. do you have done all the homework for tomorrow?"
Rivaldi:"Nahh... I didn't done that."
Ihsan:"Ohh.. same with me."
Rivaldi:"After we played Counter Strike, I'll do my homework."

My name is Ihsan, now i'll tell you about my experience that make me very thanksfull.

It begin when i was a elementary student. It was when i go to my cousin when i got day off, i was doing okay with my activities there.And accident happened, it was when i very happy that day and i played without thinking anything that can make me didn't happy.It was when i played outside beside of my cousin motorcycle,it was nothing weird happened with that,and then i played "on" the motorcycle.I was standing on the motorcycle and jumping there,and accident happened.It was when i jumpin on the motorcycle and then i got slip on the seat and that make me fell off from the motorcycle.When i fell off it was very wierd cause i think the world is like slowing down as i falling to the ditch.And when i got sober it was very very headache and all the blood i get is make my head full of blood, that make me cant see well.And i ran to the house with all the blood i got.In the front of the …



This is my conversation with my new friend,his name is Argya.
Ihsan:"May i know your name please?"
Argya:"Yeah,my name is Argya."
Ihsan:"Where are you from Argya?"
Argya:"I from Bandung,and you?"
Ihsan:"I'am from Bandung too."
Argya:"And, how old are you?"
Ihsan:"I 14 years old."
Argya:"Owhh, same with me, i'am 14 years old too."
Ihsan:"What's your hobby Argya?"
Argya:"I like to play Baseball."
Ihsan:"Wow!,same with me,i like play Baseball too."
Argya:"When you start playing Baseball?"
Ihsan:"When i go to a 9 grade."
Argya:"Ohh...same with me."
Ihsan:"What club did you join?I'am at Rusa Hitam club."
Argya:"I'am at Garuda Baseball club."
Ihsan:"Owh..i know that club, that is a club from Jakarta right?"
Argya:" the way are you join Kejurna…
My Story
Hello, My name is Ihsan ahmad kamal, this is my first time making blog
First of all i'll tell you about my self, i born in 3rd October 2002 that's mean i'am 14 years old, i like a lot of thing like sport, game, and other thing, i study in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, and i live at Jalan Karang Pasudan V.

Now, i'll tell you about my hobby.i like a lot of thing, my favorite one is playing games on my computer, i have a lot type of game,like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Dota, and other type of game.
Other than that, i like a lot of sport, my favorite sport is Baseball, Swiming, Running, Football, and other.

Now, i'll tell you about my story why i liked playing games.Begin in 2006 that's mean i'am on playground that was my first time got a game console, when my first time i just like "woah",
i realy thanksfull to my parrents cause they give me a game first game was Fifa 2007, i played a lot time of that game, change to a different type of game, i…